I was very disappointed in how things went on my trip up Mt. Evans.  I did myself no favors by skipping breakfast, not taking enough breaks, and getting a very late start.  Besides all that I just felt like it was way harder than it should have been. I will prepare and do better next time.  Anyway, despite 30 degrees, some pretty strong winds, and not feeling it I definitely still had some type 2 fun.

Last year on Mt. Rainier one of the guides described the 3 types of fun:

Type 1: you are having fun while you are doing it

Examples: eating good food, watching a concert, sex

Type 2: you are not enjoying yourself so much at the time, but looking back it was fun

Examples: shitty summer college jobs, triathlon training, hiking up a fucking mountain

Type 3: fun at someone else’s expense

Examples: making fun of friends to their face, watching guys hit on girls at the bar (especially when I’m working), pulling pranks on co-workers

*(for the record these are examples of what I consider to be each type of fun)

On my way up Evans.

On my way up Evans.

My trip to Mount Evans was definitely type 2.  I was not having very much fun at the time but looking back it wasn't that bad and was a good experience.  I got some good pics and met some cool folks along the way.

Now I’m headed off for a few days of tomfoolery at ‘low’ altitude.