1 month in

I've been on the road for 1 month now.  More often than not I awake each day in a new place with a new adventure awaiting me.  Most days I go to bed when it is dark wake up with the light, never knowing what new adventure the next day will bring.  Each day brings new amazing places, people, and experiences my way.  It is simply an extraordinary experience.

I cannot possibly describe what it is like to watch a golden horizon swallow the evening sun in the desert or even begin to express the feeling of seeing a sunrise of a thousand colors from atop an active volcano.  There is really something to be said for experiencing it firsthand.  A picture may be worth a thousand words but not even with a thousand words could I tell you what it feels like to be in utter awe of what you are witnessing and the appreciation for what it took to get there.

That is all for now.  I miss everyone terribly.  Come find me and share in the experience!